collplant Collplant Ltd. is a Biomaterials start-up company which developed a method of producing collagen in transgenic tobacco plants. This method of production based on the extraction of cultivated tobacco plants carrying the human collagen genes P4H and LH3, and other tobacco plants carrying C/N proteinases
 eximore Eximore is developing ophthalmic drug delivery products. The company’s initial development is a non-invasive, novel sustained-release delivery system targeting glaucoma.
Omnix Medical Omnix Medical is developing new antimicrobial agents to fight resistant bacteria and to win the battle against Antibiotic Resistance. Bringing a new strategy against resistant bacteria Omnix is developing the next generation of antibiotic drugs. 

Raziel Therapeutics is a pharmaceutical company developing a proprietary drug for the treatment of local fat reduction.The Jerusalem-based company is developing an injectable drug to correct the imbalance caused by consuming more calories than the body normally can burn. The drug generates heat from the fatty acids produced by fat cells, melting away those cells and postponing the proliferation of new fat cells.


TPCera develops a new type of immunomodulatory compound that shifts the immune system from an inflammatory state into an anti-inflammatory one.